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Photos and the famous poster

July 9, 2012

Not only have the existing galleries of photos been moved from the main site to here, but I have added a lot of extra content too.

Currently there are two galleries – external views and internal and plasma photos. More options will probably follow in due course.

JET inside & plasma (Copyright acknowledged)

Internal and plasma photos

JT-60U aerial

External views of tokamaks

The main tables listing the specifications of all the machines built so far will remain at

In addition, ‘The Famous Tokamak poster’ is now hosted here, suitable for printing at A0 size.

The famous tokamak poster

A poster featuring some of the most notable tokamaks throughout history.


Needing to find a new home . . .

June 30, 2012

The famous All-the-World’s Tokamaks ( existed at its previous location for several years.  I’m grateful to for providing the service to me for all that time. Unfortunately it has become necessary to move to a new location.

If this is your first visit, please come back again in a few days.  If you are a regular visitor, please bear with me while I get things back to normal.

Normal service will be resumed soon I hope.