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The Author – Nick Balshaw

This collection of information has been gathered as a private hobby over several years by Nick Balshaw, who works at Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE).

Nick Balshaw in the JET Control Room - June 2012, Copyright Acknowledged

Nick Balshaw in JET Control Room – June 2012 (courtesy of EFDA)

Although Nick has been involved in the operation of JET during that time, he would like to point out that any opinions expressed and errors in the data here are entirely his own, and not necessarily those of his employer or of EFDA.  He would also like gratefully to acknowledge the many hundreds of e-mails received from fusion labs around the world, providing additional information for this site.

He writes popular science articles for ‘Fusion in Europe’ (e.g. here), and for the official JET web site quite regularly, (albeit semi-anonymously).  The current series is labelled ‘JET in Close-up’.  Previously the ‘Shutdown Weekly‘ followed the progress of the work to upgrade JET between 2009 and 2011.  The target of these articles has always been to write 200 to 300 words on a newsworthy topic, at a technical level that his mother can understand.  Only she would be able to tell you whether he has succeeded!

Nick can be contacted via the e-mail address and he tries to respond personally to any messages that he receives, although it may take a couple of weeks if you happen to write at a time when he is busy at work or on another hobby.

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